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Have fun solving a Rubik's Cube like puzzle where the cube is unfolded and lies flat out.

Although the cube is flattened out, the colors still move on each side as if still cubed.

See how fast you can solve a puzzle that can be auto-scrambled 25, 50 or even 100 times.

Compete with your friends and see who can solve in the quickest time or lowest number of moves.

Share your progress or a solved puzzle with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Your Puzzle is stored between plays so you can continue where you left off, or start over.

Get Solving

start a Puzzle


To start, tap on either of the 3 scramble levels.
25, 50 or 100.

The puzzle auto-scrambles based on the level you chose.


After the puzzle is scrambled, the timer will start.

The timer keeps track of how long you have spent solving the puzzle.

Moving Squares


To move the squares across the cube, simply swipe up or down on any non-middle column or row of squares.


The middle rows and columns of each side are stationary and cannot be moved.

The colored squares will move in the direction you swiped on the side.

The other sides will also be impacted by the swipe as if all the sides were still folded up into a cube with Bottom, Front, Top, Back, Left and Right Sides.


The reset button (lower left) displays how the puzzle should look when solved.


When a full side is solved in the puzzle, the corresponding side in the reset button will brighten.


Each move you make is counted so you know how many moves were made overall.

Undo Moves


You are allowed to Undo the last 10 moves by tapping on the Undo button.

When you tap on the Undo button, the last move is reversed.

Once a move is reversed, it cannot be redone (unless done manually).

The move numbers that can be undone are shown under the Undo button.

Solving Square Cubed

solved puzzle

The goal is to arrange all the squares on each side with the same color.


The faster you can do solve the puzzle, and in the least number of moves will impress your friends.


You can post your solved puzzle stats on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Posting to Facebook and Twitter can give your friends a challenge to try and solve a puzzle of the same scramble level faster and/or in less moves.



You can reset at any time by tapping the reset button.

You will be alerted to be sure you want to reset.



If you get a call or move to another app, the timer will stop.

When you go back to Square Cubed, you will be able to resume by tapping GO (which will restart the timer).

Continuing Your Square Cubed Puzzle


If you close the app before solving the puzzle, the next time the app is opened you can continue where you left off.

Or you can tap 'no thanks' and start over.

Sound ON/OFF

sound sound

At any time during play, you can control whether or not to play sound effects.
Just tap on the sound button to toggle the sound on and off.

The sound setting is saved between app launches.

Square Cubed

Be sure to invite your friends to play too!

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