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Gotta earn them CLAMS!

Dive to the depths of the bay to dig up Quahogs.

Watch Out for Jelly Fish that can sting and crabs that might steal a Quahog from you!

Be sure to surface for AIR before you run out and be forced to drop your Quahogs and surface.

Use the Kelp to heal yourself when you're stung by Jelly Fish.

After 5 unhealed stings, you are forced to drop your Quahogs and surface to find first-aid.

At the end of each level, sell your Quahogs to earn CLAMS.

The Quahog buy price may change from day to day.

Your Bank Balance will climb and climb the more you play... share how many clams you've earned with your friends on Facebook.

Have fun snorkeling without getting wet!



swim to target

To start, tap the 'play' Quahog on the main screen.

If you left off on a higher level the last time you played, you will be given the option to resume at that level.
However, you will have to start at the beginning of that level.

The Depth Setter

depth setter

You have to tap a depth to dive underwater.
You can only dig for Quahogs on the very bottom.

At depths outlined with green, the Kelp have special healing power and can heal one Jelly Fish sting.

At depths outlined with magenta, the Jelly Fish can sting. Keep this in mind when surfacing or diving and try to avoid the Jelly Fish at these levels.

The swimmer in the depth setter shows your current depth.


swim to target

To swim, tap the screen and a target will appear.

You will swim to that target.

Swim to the mounds you find on the bottom. When your rake hits a mound, you will dig up the mound to see what is there.



While swimming around underwater, take notice of how much air you have left which is indicated in the LUNGS image at the top center of the screen.

The Lungs will deflate while moving underwater and refill when you surface and take a deep breath through the snorkel.

lungs warn

The Lungs will be outlined with YELLOW and then ORANGE to warn you to surface for air. If you run out of air, you will be forced to empty your bag and surface to keep from drowning. If you maneuver just right, you will be able to recollect any dropped Quahogs on the bottom of the bay.

Jelly Fish

jelly fish

You will find several Jelly Fish from time to time swimming across the bay.

sting zone

When diving or surfacing, avoid contact with the Jelly Fish while you are in the STING ZONE.

jelly fish sting

You will know the Jelly Fish can sting you when they turn a pinkish color. Be careful, if you are stung 5 times without being healed, you will be forced to empty your bag and surface to find the first-aid raft and be healed.

Healing Kelp

heal zone

When your depth is in the green zone, the Kelp will have magical powers and be able to heal you of 1 sting.

used kelp

When Kelp heals a sting for you, the bottom of it will turn brown and the Kelp's magic is all used up.



Some mounds you dig may have a crab hidden it them.
A crab will steal one of your Quahogs from your bag and run away.



Some mounds you dig may have a Flounder hidden it them.
So you won't find a Quahog, but at least the Flounder won't take one from your bag.

Emptying bag of Quahogs


While on the surface with Quahogs in your bag, you should swim to the raft to empty your bag. This will keep them safe from crabs or being dropped.

used kelp

Swim very close to the raft and your bag will be emptied onto the raft.

Going to the Home Screen

home turtle

You can go back to the home screen during play by tapping the sea turtle in the lower left corner.

If you choose to go home during play, any Quahogs in your bag or on the Raft will be abandoned and you will have to start the level over.

End of Level

Selling Your Quahogs


When all Quahogs are placed on the raft at the end of the level, you will be shown how many you found and the Buy Price of the day for each Quahog.

Tap on the Quahogs in the raft to sell them.

used kelp

You will then see how much you earned for that level.

Tap on the glowing clam to deposit your earnings to your bank.

used kelp

Once you deposit your clams, you will see your Bank Balance updated

used kelp

After you deposit your clams, you can move to the next level by tapping NEXT in the sand, or tap HOME to go back to the home screen.

Even if you tap home, you will be able to start at the next level the next time you play.

Home Screen



Tapping the Star Fish in the upper right corner will pull in a boat allowing you to change settings.


You can shut off sounds and stop messages.
Settings are saved for the next time you play.

Tap the arrow bar to the right of the settings to push the boat back offshore. You can also swipe to the right on the boat to push it back offshore.

Bank Balance


You can always see your current balance of Banked clams on the bottom of the home screen.

Social Media


You can share the home screen and share your bank balance to your friends by tapping on the Twitter or Facebook icons.

Enjoy, have fun and...


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