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Pane in the Glass - Mark Ferbert

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What a Pane in the Glass!

A multi-level game where you clear panes from a window that have a color that does not match the color of a window at the bottom of the screen.

There are 3 difficulties (each making it slightly harder to get through the rounds).

Multiple players can be added and each player's progress will be recorded for next play.


From the Home Screen, tapping the play button will display the player list. You can play with the built in player "Glassie Pane" or tap the + button to add a new player.

Tapping a name in the players list will start game play for that player.

Tapping the blue arrow on a player row will display the settings for that player where the difficulty and Pane Style can be set.

Swiping left on any player will display a blue 'reset' button (if appropriate) as well as a red 'delete' button.

The blue 'reset' button will reset the player back to the beginning rank and default settings (easy difficulty and the shine pane style). If there is an achievement history for the player, it will remain.

The red 'delete' button will remove the player from the player list (including all achievement history for the player).

The player "Glassie Pane" is a built in player and cannot be deleted, however the player can be reset.

The progress and settings of each player are saved automatically so the next time the player is selected, the game will continue with the Rank and start of the last round reached.

A Achievement Star will show if the player has completed all the rounds and reached the rank of General Pane in the Glass. 1, 2 and 3 achievement stars are given for the difficulty of easy, medium and tough respectively. The number in the star will include all stars in the achievement history for the player.

Tapping the star (or long pressing a player) will bring up the Achievement History screen. This screen displays the date and time of each completed game achievement. Tap the trash button on the top right to clear out the achievement history for the player.


To play each round of the game, clear all panes from the top window that do NOT match the color on the bottom pane.

Clear non-matching panes with a single tap in the middle of the pane.

Tapping non-matching panes will make them fall from the window. Then the colors of all the remaining panes will shuffle before allowing the next pane to be tapped out.

Once all non-matching panes are cleared from the top window, you will move to the next round.

If you happen to tap the one pane in the window that MATCHES the bottom pane, then that round is lost and you will be moved back to the previous round.


The color wheel button on the right edge of the screen can be used at the beginning of any round to change the colors of the game board. This can be done up to 3 times per round. However, once a pane has been tapped, the color refresh will not be available until the next round.


A 'home' color wheel button on the left edge of the screen will take the player back to the start screen. The current round will start over when playing with the same player later.



There are 3 difficulties to choose for the game.


The difficulty changes how close the colors of the non-matching panes can be to the color of the bottom pane. Making it more difficult to keep from tapping on the wrong pane.

The difficulty also change the number of Achievement Awards a player starts with and can store.

Changing the difficulty setting requires a player to start over as a Recruit.


The pane style can be set to 'shine' or 'flat'. Shine is default and gives the glass panes a shiny appearance. Flat removes the 'shine' to give a flat color experience. The pane style can be changed at any time.


Achievement awards can be used to try a round again, or even clear a non-matching window pane for you. This could come in handy when down to just 2 panes and they both look very similar.

Each difficulty starts out with the following number of achievement awards:


Starts with 3 awards and can store up to 7 total awards.


Starts with 2 awards and can store up to 6 total awards.


Starts with 1 award and can store up to 5 total awards.

If you have achievement awards stored and you fail a round, you will be asked if you want to use one of them to try that round again.
To clear one non-matching pane from the window, tap on one of the stored Achievement Awards.


A promotion will be granted after clearing every 5, 7 or 10 rounds based on the difficulty.
Everyone starts out as a Recruit and can climb the ranks to become a General Pane in the Glass.

A player can be DEMOTED if they fail on the initial round of any rank. When demoted, the player has to play all rounds of the previous rank again.




Private First Glass



Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Glass

Master Sergeant

First Sergeant

Sergeant Major Pane

Command Sergeant Major Pane

General Pane in the Glass

Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History
Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History
Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History

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