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Help keep fleas off of the dog.

A fun, educational game to help children learn and master their times tables (1 through 12).

Each times table is presented as a bunch of numbered fleas to be tapped off when their number matches the equation presented.

An optional voice over is available to help guide children through each round.

Repetition can be changed for more repetition or faster game play.

Results for the last 10 sessions of play are available to view in a detailed graph to show which times tables need more practice to master.


To start playing, tap the GO button. Then tap the Times Table you would like to play.

You will be guided as to which flea number to tap.
"Find Flea Number 12 X 1"

The number of rounds for each Times Table depends on the repetition setting chosen on the Dog Yard fence.

Correctly tapping all flea numbers up to the multiplier of 12 will complete the Times Table played and then present the remaining Times Tables to play.

The goal is to finish all Times Tables without making any mistakes.

Tapping the 'home' flea will stop the current session, store the results, and reset all Times Table fleas. You will be prompted to be sure you want to stop.



The repetition setting changes how many rounds of play to complete for each Times Table. Each round will repeat starting with the multiplier "1".

This setting can be changed by tapping 'repetition' on the Dog Yard fence repeatedly until the desired setting is shown.

There are 4 possible settings for repetition.


This is the default setting and starts with 2 fleas to find and adds 1 additional flea to find for each round up to 12 fleas. Total of 11 rounds per Times Table.


Starts with 2 fleas to find and adds 2 additional fleas to find for each round up to 12 fleas. Total of 6 rounds per Times Table.


Starts with 4 fleas to find and adds 4 additional fleas to find for each round up to 12 fleas. Total of 3 rounds per Times Table.


Starts with all 12 fleas to find. Just 1 round per Times Table.


This is an ON/OFF setting for the voice over sounds that will "talk" you through game play. The text will also show up on the bottom of the screen.

When this setting is ON, it will take additional time to go through each round of play. You will not be able to tap the numbered fleas until the guided voice over completes and the numbers show up on the fleas.

Turning this setting OFF will significantly increase the speed of play, however it will not provide voice overs for guidance.


This is an ON/OFF setting for sound effects throughout the game. This includes the start screen's "My Dog Has Fleas" & dog panting as well as other sound effects throughout game play.


The "results" button on the fence in the Dog Yard will bring up a screen of results for up to the last 10 sessions of play. Once 10 sessions are stored, any new sessions will overwrite the oldest stored session.

The sessions are listed on the left and named with the date/time completed.


"2010-08-25 15:15:30"

Tapping each session will display the results for the session on the right.

There is a graph bar on the right for each Times Table played showing a percentage of Good taps vs. Bad (or Missed) taps. This can be used for tracking which Times Tables need more practice to perfect.

Each graph bar can be tapped to display additional details for the selected Times Table.


4 Times Table

Score: 86%

Possible Good Taps: 12
Missed Taps: 0
Good Taps: 12
Bad Taps: 2

Highest Multiplier Reached: 12

If a Times Table was not finished when the "home" flea button was tapped, the results only account for play up to that round. This is indicated in the details by "Highest Multiplier Reached" and a visual indication with the graph bar height.

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