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Rescue all the monkeys from cages before you run out of bananas.

Tap the color wheels to turn them. Each turn of the wheel cost 1 banana.

Tap and hold to make 3 turns at once for only 1 banana.

The keychain will move to the next wheel when the transport color lines up with the other wheel.

You have to determine the transport color on your own by turning the wheels and matching colors until the keychain moves across. Turns will not cost you a banana until the transport color is found.

See how many monkeys you can rescue and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Have fun!


Turning the Wheels

wheel empty keychain

You have to tap the wheel with the KeyChain to start.
Each tap of a wheel will turn it clockwise 1 color spoke.
After the first tap, any wheel can be tapped to turn it.

wheel empty keychain

If you tap and hold (a long press) the wheel will turn clockwise by 3 color spokes (half way around).

With a tap and hold, the wheel will temporarily show a white circle around it.

While turning by 3 color spokes, the transport color match will not engage should it pass by on the other wheels.

After the starting tap, turning 1 spoke with a tap, or 3 spokes with a tap and hold, will cost 1 banana.

Find the KeyChain Transport Color

keychain moves

You need to find the transport color before the KeyChain will move to other wheels.

Turn the KeyChain wheel and/or the surrounding wheels to match up the colored spokes.

Once the transport color spoke on the wheel with the KeyChain matches another wheel's color spoke, the KeyChain will move to the other wheel.

The transport color will stay the same for entire level.

Gathering Keys

wheel with keys

You need to gather keys in order to unlock the cages trapping the Monkeys.

When you move the Keychain to a wheel that contains one or more keys, those keys will be added to the KeyChain.

You can move onto wheels with caged Monkeys even if you have no keys, but the Monkey will not be released.

Rescuing Monkeys

When your KeyChain contains one or more keys, and you move to a wheel with a caged Monkey, the cage will open and disappear.

The Monkey will then jump to the bottom of the screen.

As a thank you for being rescued, Monkeys will throw 2 bananas into the banana chute.

You must rescue ALL of the Monkeys before you run out of bananas, or the rescued Monkeys will be caged up again and the game will be over.

If ALL Monkeys are rescued before running out of bananas, the Monkeys are free and will jump into the Barrel of Monkeys.

wheel with keys

The Barrel of Monkeys will keep a count of all the Monkeys you rescued throughout the game.


You need to be careful that you don't waste bananas by moving in the wrong direction.

It might take a bit of strategy to figure out the best path to move the KeyChain around the wheels to gather keys and rescue the Monkeys.

ALL Monkeys Rescued

all monkeys rescued

If you managed to rescue all the Monkeys of any level, you will be shown how many Monkeys you rescued and how many bananas you used since the first level.

Then you will be brought to the next level after tapping the OK button.

Running Out of Bananas

no more bananas

If you run out of bananas before all Monkeys are rescued, you will be given the option of trying the level agian, or starting over from the beginning.

You can only retry a level 3 times. After the 3rd retry, you will only be able to go back to the beginning level.

Control Bar


control bar

The control bar can be access by swiping up from the bottom or tapping near the bottom of the play screen.

It can be hidden by swiping down on the control bar or tapping inside the control bar.

Tapping on any wheels in play will also hide the control bar.

Home button

home buttonr

The Home button will ask if you are sure you want to stop playing and if you are, then you will be taken back to the main screen.

Any progress will not be saved and you will have to start over again the next time you play.

Twitter and Facebook

social media buttons

After at least one Monkey has been rescued, you can share that information by tapping the Twitter or Facebook buttons on the control bar on the bottom.

Both the Twitter and Facebook buttons will allow you to share how many Monkeys you have rescued.

Music ON/OFF

music button

You can stop the game music from playing by tapping
the ♫ speaker button.

When ON, the sound waves will be showing to the right of the button. Otherwise no sound waves will show.

Sound fx ON/OFF

fx button

You can stop the game sound effect from playing by tapping the fx speaker button.

When ON, the sound waves will be showing to the right of the button. Otherwise no sound waves will show.

Unlocking Levels 4 - 20 and Removing Ads


This game is free for the first 3 levels.

If you want to play further, unlock levels 4 - 20 from the main screen.

Unlocking will cost just 99 cents USD.

After purchasing to unlock levels 4 - 20, Ads will no longer be shown between levels.

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Contact Information

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