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Have fun jumping on lily pads and paint lids while earning points for a great score.

See how many points you can make with your frog's legs.

Look out for the snakes, piranhas and scorpions!

Keep from losing your frog down stream where the current is too strong to survive!

Share your high score with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Jump on lily pads and paint lids to earn points, but try to stay out of the water.

Get Hopping



To start, tap on the word 'play'.

Your Frog will start on the left side of the screen.


The first life is ready to play and the remaining lives are indicated on log at the top of the screen.

There are 3 lives per game unless 'extra lives' is purchased in which case there will be 4 lives each game.


hopd1 hopd2 hopd3

Tapping anywhere on the screen (other than the log on the top) will make the Frog face in that direction.
If you hold down that tap and drag in ANY direction, a target will appear in front of the Frog.
The further you drag from the point where you first tapped, the further in front of the Frog the target will go.

Lifting your finger up will make the Frog jump to the last place the target appeared. The target will only show up for a short time after the last movement of your finger.

hopl1 hopl2 hopl3

There is a 'jump' indicator on the log at the top that will show you how spring the jump will have.

The Goal of Frog's Legs

The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible jumping on lily pads.


Landing on a lily pad will give you 5 points.

However, when you land on consecutive lily pads without hitting the water or land, you will a multiplier bonus equal to however many consecutive jumps on lily pads was accomplished.


Some lily pads will have holes in them. These are worth 10 points, but you must be careful to jump off quickly because it will sink and leave your Frog vulnerable in the water.


If your Frog jumps into the water, or a lily pad sinks before your Frog can jump off, your Frog will automatically swim to the middle of the closest side.

Down Stream


You must make sure you do NOT go down stream where it's dark.

If you jump into the water close to the dark section you could get pulled down stream by the current.

If you are pulled down stream, then you lose that Frog and will get a replacement Frog if you have any lives remaining.

Creatures to Avoid

snake pirahnna

There are snakes and piranhas in the water that you need to be careful for.

If you are in the water when one swims by, there's a chance they will bite you and pull you downstream.


A scorpion will sometimes appear on the right side. If your Frog gets too close, then it will sting you and throw you downstream where you will get caught in the dark current and be lost.

Paint Lids


Sometimes you will see wet paint lids floating down the stream.

You can jump on the paint lids, and should... they'll give you 15 points and will count toward the consecutive bonus.


Better still, once your Frog's feet are wet with paint, the next lily pads or paint lids will get marked with your Frog's footprints. Marking a lily pad or paint lid with footprints will add 5 base point (and will be included in the consecutive bonus multiplier).


Hitting the water will wash off the paint of your Frog's feet.

Game Over


When you get pulled down stream and have no more lives, the game is over.

You have the option to try again. If you choose 'no thanks', you go back to the home screen.

Back to Home Screen


Tapping 'home' in the upper left will take you back to the home screen.

Sound Setting

sound sound

At any time during play, you can control whether or not to play sound effects.
The sound setting and the high score will be saved between plays.

THANK YOU for playing Frog's Legs

... now get hopping on those lily pads and paint lids!

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Contact Information

Please email the creator of Frogs Legs at:


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