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Accept Your Mission!

Fly through the sky and test your skills and abilities maneuvering through Cloud Rings.

Avoid Fire Balls! Getting hit by a Fire Ball will result in a loss of Fuel equal to 10% of the full tank capacity.

Keep an eye out for Fuel Planes. Carefully line up and engage with the Fuel Line and refill your tank while connected. Any movements while engaged will disengage you and stop refueling.

Keeping the flight controls in a neutral position will burn through the least amount of fuel. Moving left/right or up/down will cause the fuel to burn faster. Avoid moving more than necessary (like overshooting your target) to save on fuel.

Points are awarded each time you fly through the center of a Cloud Ring. Extra bonus points are awarded for flying through the center of consecutive Cloud Rings.

Achievements are awarded for certain milestones.

Once you run out of fuel, the game is over. How long your mission lasts depends on how well you can conserve fuel and connect with Fuel Planes for refueling.

Game Center integration allows you compare your score with others and challenge friends.

Have fun flying through the sky and testing your flight skills!



start flying

To start a new mission, tap 'Start Flying' on the main screen.

Your plane will start in the middle of the screen.
However, you will have to control the plane to keep it in flight.

Control - Joystick

joy stick

By default, a joystick is used to control the plane.
With your thumb, move the ball in the middle of the joystick area left, right, up or down. Your movements will cause your plane to thrust in that direction.

When letting go, the ball will move back toward the center and the thrusting will stop.

The up/down thrust direction can be reversed in Settings on the home screen.

Tap on the tab on the bottom of the joystick and drag left to right to change its position. This position will be stored for future missions.

Control - Steering Wheel

steering wheelk

In Settings on the home screen, you can switch from a joystick control to using a Steering Wheel.
The Steering Wheel requires 2 thumbs to control. Making a rotation with your thumbs to the left and right will thrust the plane in that direction.

At the same time, you can push your thumbs together to go down, or pull them apart to go up.

This may be a little tricky at first, but after getting used to it, it may be preferred over the joystick control.

Cloud Rings

cloud rings

Cloud Rings will appear in the distance and get closer as you are flying.

The goal of your mission is to fly through as many Cloud Rings in a row as you can to earn more and more points.

Points are awarded when maneuvering through the center of Cloud Rings.

Bonus Points are awarded when going through consecutive Cloud Rings. The more consecutive Cloud Rings you fly through, the higher the Bonus Points. If you miss a Cloud Ring, the Bonus Points start over again the next time you fly through consecutively.

Cloud Rings will turn BLUE when flown through the center. If you are not centered, the Cloud Ring will turn RED and you will not get any points. The Cloud Rings will also turn RED if you miss them completely.

There is no penalty for missing a Cloud Ring. It may be necessary to miss one or more Cloud Rings while refueling.

Fuel Planes

fuel plane

Fuel Planes will appear in the distance from time to time.

A voice alert will sound when a Fuel Plane is in sight.

As the Fuel Plane approaches, line up the top center of your plane to the end of the fuel line hanging from the Fuel Plane. The Fuel Plane engine exhaust will turn RED when you are close enough to engage. If you are able to line up and engage during that time, then you will be connected and fueling will start.

fuel plane engaged

Once connected, do not move the controller to add thrust in any direction. If you do, you will be disengaged from the fuel line.

The connection will be disengaged automatically once the fuel tank is full.

fuel low warning

The fuel remaining will display GREEN until your plane is low on fuel. Then the fuel remaining will display RED to warn you to find a Fuel Plane soon. At this point, maneuvering the plane should be kept to a minimum to burn less fuel until a connection to a Fuel Plane can be made for refueling.

fuel low warning

A voice alert will sound when fuel is low.


fire ball

Once in a while you will need to avoid Fire Balls.

A voice alert will also sound when a Fire Ball is in sight.

If your plane is hit with a Fire Ball, your fuel will drop by 10% of total fuel tank capacity. If the fuel tank is only at 10% or less at the time of impact, the remaining fuel will be lost and the game will be over.

fire ball


Go to the Home Screen

home button

At any time during flight, you can tap the home button in the upper left of the screen to abort your mission.

You will be asked for confirmation before your mission is aborted and you are taken back to the home screen.

This button can also be used to PAUSE the game as the mission is frozen until you respond.


Out of Fuel

out of fuel

When you run out of fuel, you will lose control of the plane and the game will be over.

The home screen will display. Here you can tap Start Flying again to start another mission, or tap Game Center to see the Leaderboard, Achievements and challenge friends.

Home Screen


settings plane

Tapping the plane in the lower right corner will pull up the Settings that can be changed.

settings view

You can choose to play with or without sounds. With sounds off, you will not hear any voice alerts.

You can choose to stop alert messages from appearing during play.

You can choose to use a Steering Wheel rather than the joystick to control the plane movement.

You can choose to reverse the up/down direction of the joystick or steering wheel controller. With the reversed up/down setting ON, the joystick up movements will thrust the plane down and joystick down movements will thrust the plane up (for the steering wheel, pushing your thumbs together will thrust the plane up and pulling your thumbs apart will thrust the plane down).

Settings will be stored for future missions.

Tap the plane again to dismiss the Settings view. Swiping down on the Settings view will also dismiss it.

Game Center

game center

Tapping Game Center will connect you to the Apple Game Center.

Here you can view your Achievements in the game, view the Leaderboard and Challenge your friends.

game center

From Game Center, you can also share your Achievements on Facebook and/or Twitter.

game center

The length of your mission is totally up to YOU!

As long as you have fuel in the tank, you can keep flying.

Enjoy, have fun and...


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