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AroundTheWord - Mark Ferbert


Give your brain a workout!

See how far you can go before getting a
Brain Cramp.

A fun, educational game for kids and adults.

Tap all numbered bubbles in order from lowest to highest before time runs out.

The bubbles circulate on the water over the brain.

Each level adds an additional numbered bubble and more time.

There are 4 difficulties to play to challenges your number skills. Higher difficulties introduce negative numbers to the mix with less time to solve.

Each incorrect tap will spawn a nano-bot at the bottom which will sink a number on contact. This could make the difference between a successful round, and a Brain Cramp.

Share your high scores for all difficulties on Facebook and Twitter.

Brain Cramp can have up to 10 players stored and will remember each players progress and high scores for each difficulty.



To start, tap on the Level bubble in the middle of the screen.


To play each level, tap on the numbered bubbles in order from lowest to highest.


When tapped in the correct order, the bubble will turn green, pop out and earn you points.


If a bubble is tapped out of order, it will turn red, and sink. You will not be able to tap the number again until it resurfaces.

The first few times a bubble is tapped out of order, the next bubble in order will flash yellow. The number of times this will occur is based on the difficulty level played at that time. The higher the difficulty, the fewer times an out of order bubble tap will flash the correct next number.


Tapping a bubble out of order will also spawn a Nano-Bot.

Nano-bots will swim around the brain pan randomly. If one hits a numbered bubble, it will sink it and then dissolve itself.

A sunk bubble can sometimes make the difference between a successful round and getting a Brain Cramp.



Each bubble tapped in order will award 1 point multiplied times the current level.
This will build up the current level's score.

The current level score displays in green under the overall score.

Once the level has been completed successfully, any remaining seconds on the clock are multiplied by the current level and added to the current level's score.

With the level completed, the current level's score is then added to the overall score.


Running out of time before all bubbles are tapped in the correct order will give you a
BRAIN CRAMP which ends the game.

Any points earned during the current level will be lost.

Bonus Seconds


If you can tap all of the numbered bubbles in order without making any mistakes, "+5" will light up on the time board.

The bonus time of 5 seconds will be added when the next level starts.



You can freeze the game during play by tapping on the timer on the upper right corner of the Brain Pan. The brain remains frozen until you tap "Tap to Thaw"

The numbers on the bubbles will be invisible while the brain is frozen.



The high score reached for each difficulty is stored and can be viewed by tapping on the player name on the bottom of the brain pan (between playing levels).

You can share your high score information with friends on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons on each side of the high score board.


If you beat your own high score for the current difficulty, a high score indicator will be shown to the left of your current score at the top of the brain pan.


Between playing levels, the Players screen can be activated with a LONG TAP (Tap & HOLD) on the player name on the bottom of the brain pan.


The default player is "Brainy Ack", but you can add players by tapping the green "+" bubble.


You can have up to 10 total players with names up to 16 characters.

Tapping on any player will bring you back to the Brain Pan ready to play as that player.
The player will start at the last level and difficulty played.


Player names can be removed with a LONG TAP (Tap & HOLD) on the player's name bubble.
You will lose the high score information stored for that player name.

The player "Brainy Ack" is a built in player name that cannot be deleted.



A player can reset by tapping the 'reset' button on the lower left of the brain pan. This will reset the player to the first level and zero out the score for the current difficulty.
The high scores will remain intact.



You can change the difficulty only when at the first level before starting game play.
To change the difficultly after starting to play, you will have to tap the 'reset' button to start over first.

To change the difficulty, simply tap on the name of the difficulty.
The available difficulties will cycle through easy, medium, hard and insane.

The higher difficulties give less time and larger ranges of numbers (including negative numbers).



By default, a tips box will show on the screen between game play and on the player list screens.


You can cycle through the tips for information on the game by tapping the "next tip..." button on the lower right.

Tips can be disabled on the Info screen.



Tapping on the "Info Brain" on the lower right of the brain pan will bring you to the info/settings screen.


You can turn sounds and tips on/off by tapping on each in the upper left of the screen.



Tapping on the "Remove Ads" on the right side of the brain pan will allow you to make an in-app purchase to stop ads from showing between levels.

If you made the in-app purchase and then deleted Brain Cramp from your device, you can use the "Restore Purchase" button on the left side of the brain pan to restore it.

Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History
Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History
Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History
Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History
Home Screen Player List Player Settings Game Screen Achievement History

Creator of Brain Cramp
Mark Ferbert


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